Venue Details/Pricing

In order to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 infection,
some restrictions have been placed on some of the plans.
For more information, please contact the Valley of Gangala.

Valley of Gangala CAVE PARTY Pricing Plans

Venue Capacity

Facility Name Venue Name Size Holding Capacity
Valley of Gangala Cave Cafe 220㎡ Party (seated)/100 seats
Party (standing)/180 people
Theatre/350 seats
Standing/600 people

Hall Rental Prices

Rental Style 17:00~22:00 15:00~22:00 Notes
Venue usage fees (Including time for equipment assembly / removal) ¥165,000 ¥275,000 Venue rental + basic lighting. For tailored events.

Party Plan Prices

Party Plan (Two hours between 18:00 and 21:00) Prices (Per person) Capacity Plan Outline
Full Course Plan
(Including service charges /Including drinks)
Premium Full Course Plan ¥31,900 Seated 30-75 people Premium full course meal focusing on local ingredients in collaboration with the Oriental Hotel Okinawa Resort & Spa.
Resort Full Course Plan ¥26,400 Seated 30-100 people Special resort-themed full course meal in collaboration with Southern Beach Hotel & Resort Okinawa.
Buffet Style Plan
(Including drinks)
Hotel Chef Buffets Oriental Hotel Okinawa Resort & Spa ¥15,950 Stand-up style 50-180 people (Seating available for 100 guests. Chairs charged separately) High-grade buffet featuring a mix of 20 Japanese, Western, and Chinese cuisine items prepared in collaboration with the Oriental Hotel Okinawa Resort & Spa.
Southern Beach Hotel & Resort Okinawa ¥13,200 Special hotel chef buffet featuring a colorful mix of 15 Japanese, Western, and Chinese cuisine items prepared in collaboration with Southern Beach Hotel & Resort Okinawa.
Multi-Tiered Food Box Plan (Including service charges /Including drinks) Bento Style Southern Beach Hotel & Resort Okinawa ¥13,200 Seated 30-75 people The hotel's chef prepares colorful bento-style dishes.

*Prices are per person, and include venue, table settings, basic lighting and food.
*The plan including basic drinks includes 2 hours of all-you-can-drink craft beer, Awamori liquor, and soft drinks.
*For other drinks, please consult us separately.

Entertainment Pricing Examples

Genre Price Time Notes
Okinawan singing (2 singer) From ¥88,000 Roughly 20 min Live Sanshin/Okinawan singing
Okinawan dance (2 dancer) From ¥88,000 Roughly 20 min Okinawan traditional dance
Lion dance From ¥143,000 Roughly 20 min Ritual dance by a performer with a lion mask
Live jazz (2-person ensemble) From ¥110,000 Roughly 25 min Electric piano, vocals, etc
Latin band (5-person ensemble) From ¥220,000 Roughly 30 min Audio equipment for band charged separately

*Please inform us of your desired entertainment: Traditional dances, Okinawan singing, jazz, Latin band, etc.

Activity Program Prices

Program Name Prices (Per person) Time Required Program Outline
Valley of Gangala Guided Tour
Special Pre-Party Plan
¥1,650 Roughly 60 min Riddle-solving game-style teambuilding. Teams cooperate as they work their way around the Valley of Gangala.
Explore the cave of the Southern Island ¥5,000 Roughly 180 min Explore the private areas of Gyokusendo with a guide. Participants wear matching exploration gear, and make their way through the unlit and undeveloped caves.

*Can be changed to a sightseeing the Okinawa World in the event of bad weather.

Prices for Audio Equipment/Projectors, Etc.

○Basic audio set for party (including operation)
3 non-wireless microphones, sound playback possible
・・・ ¥22,000
○Audio equipment set for bands (operation separate)
YAMAHA TF1、DXR15×4、DXR12×4、SHURE SM58×5・SM57×5
・・・ ¥88,000
Sound/lighting operator ・・・ From ¥55,000 each
○150 inch screen/projector ・・・ ¥55,000

※Please feel free to discuss any other lighting/sound arrangements

Equipment Rental Prices (Partial)

○Round tables (Diameter 90cm) ・・・ Each ¥1,100
○Tablecloths ・・・ Each ¥550
○Parasols ・・・ Each ¥550
○Dining chairs ・・・ Each ¥550 Maximum 100
○Pipe chairs ・・・ Each ¥220 Maximum 350

※Various other signs, flower arrangements, candles, etc., are available upon discussion.

*Prices include consumption tax and are current as of December 2021. Prices may change without notice, so please confirm details when you make your reservation.